netware 4.11 - windows XP - client 4.9

We have been running 4.11 with various workstations.(dos, windows of many
flavors up to and including XP Homeand XP Professsional) Most workstations
use client 4.83 with no problem.  Our primary use is a dos based program
using a btrieve engine. Every machine is fundamentally working fine.

I just bought a brand new workstation and downloaded client 4.9. I coudn't
connect to the server. I ugraded to XP Pro and after much effort, I
connected to the server. The problem is when I run the program with the
btreive engine,  it always freezes up after a few minutes.

Any advise? 

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If you want to run a DOS app, boot to a DOS floppy and run it using .VLM

XP has all manner of trouble doing DOS work.
Dave Lunn

2/17/2004 7:06:22 PM
I'm not an advocate of either XP or the 4.9 client -- though properly 
configured and updated it should work.

You might simply uninstall (completely) the 4.9 client, then download and 
install Client 32 4.83SP2, then the SP3 update.

Do the install in Custom mode, client only, ipx only.  Configure for the 
specific frame type (802.2) instead of auto.

Barry Schnur
Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop
2/17/2004 9:06:27 PM

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