pagen problems

I'm trying to use pagen to replicate our printers in a test tree. No mater
what I do pagen will not create any printers nor will it give any errors. My
csv file doesn't even contain correct info but I still don't receive errors.
Any ideas?


PRINTERNAME=PASSTHROUGH','HP LaserJet 4000 Series PCL 5e'   'HPLaserPrinter'
  'PHB/SYS:/ndps/resdir/ENGLISH/prndrv/win95/HP4K/HPLJ45.INF','HP LaserJet
4000 PCL 5e'   'HP'  
'PHB/SYS:/ndps/resdir/ENGLISH/prndrv/nt4/HP4K/OEMNT40.INF','HP Color
LaserJet 4550 PCL 5c'   'HPLaserPrinter'  

Thu Nov 01 13:52:51 2007

NDPS Manager:   .netware-manager.print.oes2-print
NDPS Broker:    .netware-broker.print.oes2-print
NDS Tree:       oes2-print
Operation:      associate
CSV File:       padbtxt.csv

0 printer agents created
0 errors occured

time used: 3 seconds
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