iprint Winsock Error code : 10060


We have  Netware 6.5 SP5 also the post patches for NSS and server.exe , 
Iprint Ver , this server has two different NIC and is working 
also as a router.

The problem is as follow :
    1.-  The Webpage "Iprint Printers on Server"  list takes a lot of time 
to generate and does not shows nothing, it need to be refreshed  and not 
always works.        2.- When finally the printers list appears and click on 
any link of it , it takes a long time and finally we get WinSock Error Code 
: 10060

This seems to happened after we decide that Print Manager use a specific IP 
    Load NDPSM "PrinterManager" /IPADDRESS=X.X.X.X

But now the problem still happened even if we load NDPSM.nlm without any 

We appreciate any help.


7/10/2006 6:27:33 PM
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10060 is a timeout error. You might try iprntnw65sp5d and wsock6i; 
probably also worth running pkidiag and sdidiag against the server affected.
  Andrew C Taubman
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7/10/2006 10:42:10 PM

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