iprint windows 7 driver issue

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iPrint on Windows 7 32 Bit
Hey Everyone, Iam sorry, I think this issue has been up here about a 1000 times (mostly relating to WinXP I think), but my knowledge of iPrint ist pretty close to zero and the support guys asked me if I could open up a thread in the novell forums. My colleagues have encountered problems with the iPrint Client on Windows 7. Iam not quite sure, that this issue is related to iPrint and Iam not really familiar with iPrint Administration / Support (Iam trying to get into this at the moment), so I will try to outline the problems. In the forums I could only find similar problems r...

iPrint Driver Issues - Win 7
Hello, We are using iManager 2.7.2 (20081017_172753) with iPrint NetWare Management Plug-in Servers running iManager and the broker/manager are both running Netware 6.5SP8. Today I uploaded the Xerox WorkCentre 255 PCL6 and Pro 255 (windows 7, 64-bit) drivers to the broker. However, when you go to manage printer and click on drivers, you do not see anything listed under available drivers. On the broker, you can clearly see that the Xerox WorkCentre driver has been successfully uploaded. So I know the driver is there. What is going on? We are in the middle o...

Windows 7 and MAC Using iPrint Issues.
Hello, our current OS is Novell Open Enterprise Server, Netware 6.5 suppot pack revsion 08. I can install iprint client with no problem on Windows 7 machines and MAC but can't intall printers. The iprint update for Netware 8 has been installed based on the instructions in the TID 5076971 Error Message on MAC "Iprint failed to install printer bad syntax" Error Message on Windows 7 machines " is that iPrint client is not installed do you want to install it now?" but it clearly shows that the iprint client is installed. And the error continues even after res...

iPrint 5.20 Windows 7 Drivers
Hello, we are starting testing Windows 7, since we are still on XP we will skip vista and go ahead with seven. The new client installs and probably works great but when I go to the ipp page and try to install iPrinter it says that no driver is available. How do I solve this? Simply by uploading Vista drivers for that printer? Tried running iPrint in Windows XPSP2 compatibility mode but no luck. Thanks, Thomas -- thsundel ------------------------------------------------------------------------ On Fri, 17 Jul 2009 07:46:01 +0000, thsundel wrote: > How do I s...

iPrint, Windows 7, Xerox Global Print Driver
I guess there are people who are able to make iPrint work with Windows 7, but I seem to be not one of those people. There seems to be too many pieces to this puzzle that I have to worry about, and I'm having trouble getting a good feel for where the problem is. Most of our computers are XP, but we are starting to roll out a few Win-7 machines. I believe I have the iPrint client loaded on a Win-7 machine ok, but it's hard to tell, since I can't seem to get a Win-7 print driver into the broker. First issue was that loading a driver to the broker via iManager doesn't l...

Windows 7 64 bit and iPrint Manage Broker
I'm on a Windows 7 64 bit PC. My iManager is Version 2.7.3 (20090507_201221) and has iPrint NetWare Management Plug-in I can log into the server's iManager Manage Broker page. However when I click on the "RMS Drivers" tab, I see the page flash for a second with the normal page, then I get these errors: IE 8 ------------------------------------- Exception reading resource print drivers configuration NDPS Library Error Category: 1060004h Other Error: FFFFFC55h FireFox 3.5.7 ------------------------------------- Exception reading res...

iPrint Driver issues
Hi People, I'm having problems distributing HP LaserJet 2300 PCL5e and 4300s PCL5e drivers. A printer associated with either of the above drivers installs, but I get the following message:- c:\winnt\system32\spoolsv.exe Function address 0x78010600 caused a protection fault. (exception code 0xc0000005) Some or all property page(s) may not be displayed. When I try to access the properties of the printer I get the same protection fault as above but from c:\winnt\explorer.exe This problem happens on both Windows 2000 and XP. To temporary fix this problem I have used earlier drive...

iPrint driver issue
Hi, Many network printers are installed on the same computer by iPrint. Each printer is different (mark, model) and each printer is configured with its own driver. But, sometimes (more and more often now) each printer ends up using the same driver. So we can't print on these printers anymore. This bug appear only when the printers are installed with iPrint. With traditionnal NDPS way, we don't have any problem. Regards What does "can't print" mean?? Have you tried troubleshooting the iPrint client?? (TID 10064594) This should give you an id...

iPrint and Windows 7
I am trying to get iPrint to work with a Windows 7 client. I have downloaded and installed iprntnw65sp8b-2, unloaded the print components and re-loaded on the server. I have downloaded and installed nipp532 to to the Windows 7 workstation. When I try to go to my list of printers via http://servername/ipp and add a printer, I receive the following error: Error message: iPrint Client: No printer driver has been associated with this printer Error group: iPrint client Error code: 65550 I have looked at the settings for the specific printer via iManager 2.7.3 for the printer agen...

Iprint for Windows 7
I cannot install Iprint on the Windows 7 OS, and don't have the option of downgrading. Any suggestions? I get the message "Microsoft Hotfixes (KB941542 and KB932206) must be installed before you can install the iPrint client" I tried to install the hotfixes, but it wouldn't let me. -- SapphireClerk ------------------------------------------------------------------------ On Tue, 21 Apr 2009 12:36:02 +0000, SapphireClerk wrote: > I cannot install Iprint on the Windows 7 OS, and don't have the option > of downgrading. Any suggestions? http:...

iPrint in Windows 7
How can I install iPrint in windows 7? I have tried to install the latest iPrint but I get this error-message: Microsoft Hotfixes (KB941542 and KB932206) must be installed before you can install the iPrint client. What should I do? Is it even possible to install it in windows 7? -- h_vestbo ------------------------------------------------------------------------ On Mon, 30 Mar 2009 09:46:02 +0000, h vestbo wrote: > How can I install iPrint in windows 7? > > I have tried to install the latest iPrint but I get this error-message: > > Microsoft ...

More iPrint driver issues
Am I missing something? I found a problem (or read about it here) with a certain driver that's been in our organization for quite a while now - turns out the HP 4200 PCL 6 driver tends to not print multiple pages. I have also found (or read here) that the HP 4200 PCL 5e driver seems to work just fine. I have two issues: 1) What's the best way to update all my printer agents with the new driver? PaGen doesn't seem to do CHANGE - only Add and Delete. I don't want to Delete and re-Add for a number of reasons, the biggest being I don't want any des...

iPrint and Printer Driver issue
I have added several print drivers to the iPrint Broker (Used PDRVGen to generate the drivers and then imported by file through iManager as directly importing caused issues), assigned relevant drivers from the broker to relevant printers etc. When I add a printer on a workstation that I know has been assigned drivers, I get the following message: "The server for the [printer name here] printer does not have the correct printer drivers installed ... ... ..." Any ideas? -- johnteauk ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ...

iPrint and Windows 7, why do they hate each other?
When I go to the iprint website (http://serverip/ipp), it keeps saying that it's an unsupported client. I've got the latest iprint client installed (as of yesterday which is 5.72). I've got both KB2511290 and KB2546651 installed. I'm just trying to get an HP LaserJet 4050 to be installed. The machines are Windows 7 SP1 Novell Client 2 SP1 IR9a for Windows 7 -- reynoldsju ------------------------------------------------------------------------ On 28/10/11 15:16, reynoldsju wrote: > > When I go to the iprint website (http://serverip/ipp), it kee...

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