Failed getting host name, Error -1

I am running NW 65 SP6 and iPrint patch f.  After the manager loads and
successfully binds the PA's.  I am seeing the following message.

   Failed getting host name, Error -1

Has anyone seen this before?

I tried editing the hosts file with no luck.  The printers seem to print
fine.  The PA's are setup to print to the IP not DNS.

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> The printers seem to print
> fine.
Then just ignore it.

- Anders Gustafsson, Engineer, CNE6, ASE
  NSC Volunteer Sysop
  Pedago, The Aaland Islands (N60 E20)

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Using VA 5.51 build 315 on Windows 2000 build 2600

4/6/2007 7:00:31 PM

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