NetStorage on OES-Linux and multiple nics - ip addresses


Dual P3-1Ghz 1Gb RAM
200Gb RAID5 config and 2 logical volumes,
(recycled nw4.x file server)

OES/Linux new install of SP2 into existing
OES/NW 6.5 tree.

Got it right on the 4th retry.

2 logical drives are
sda and sdb

sda1 38Gb reiser as /
sda2 1Gb swap

sdb1 160Gb NSS pool/volume

All mount fine and are accessible on the inside network.
A couple of NFS mount points are also exported as Netware
volumes and these are also working fine. (1 from an Ingrasys
NAS device and 1 from a Vax6000-440 via VMS-Vax 6.0 & Multinet.)

2 nics.

We have 2 DSL lines and 2 Cisco 877-K9 modems.
1 is 1500/256 and is NAT for 10.0 network to surf web etc.

Other is 512/512 and is for servers only.  NAT is done by a
Pix firewall with each server having a real IP address NAT
to an individual 30.0.x address in the DMZ.

1 is 10.0.0.x on inside network. hostname abc.inside.domain
There is a gateway available on this lan as well, but it's
not used for the server (only the users surfing).
This is a gigabit nic.

1 is 30.0.0.x on DMZ behind Pix firewall (with everything open
for the time being) this gets NAT to a real ip address and  Gateway is on this
NIC at
This is a 100mbps nic.

There are LDAP servers on the 10.0 network (OES-NW6.5) and the
linux box can work fine with them.  All server nics are gigabit.

They are also accessible on the 30.0 interface as they are also
dual nic/address setups.
iFolder 3 works fine on either, ie from home or in the office.
Server nics on the 30.0 network are 100mbps.

NetStorage works on the 10.x network inside just fine.  

Previous issues with iFolder 2 on OES/NW6.5 (never worked)
Have iFolder 3 on the linux system and it seems to work fine.

NetStorage works on the inside network, but not the outside.
(It's accessible - but upload and download either do nothing or
pop up a blank window and time out.)

I'm suspecting this is some sort of internal java issue and may
be due to the java not being intelligent enough to figure out
which interface is which (despite both being set up at install).

Any suggestions where to look to sort this out?  ie
what files are likely to be involved here?

I have similar issues with NetStorage on the OES/NW6.5 boxes, but
it will work in varying ways for a time.
The NW boxes so far, work like this:
1) Upload and download are normal and work,inside or out.
2) Upload or download works, but not both.
3) Neither works.

A machine will start off at 1) and then at some random point it will
become 2) or 3).

Only a reboot will restore function.  

I've never been able to get iFolder2 to work on these. Ever.

I really need to get this working, preferably from the linux box as
iFolder3 seems to work quite well.  It's just NetStorage at the moment.

Anyone able to help?



Geoff Roberts
Computer Systems Manager
Saint Mark's College
Port Pirie, South Australia
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