Netware Admin and SLES 9 admin rights


How can I check or assign admin rights to Netware admin account on SLES 9 OS.

I am running OES Linux and when creating NSS volumes through iManager
(logged in as the Netware administrator) I receive the error message 'CIO
error, permission denied".

Thank you.
10/11/2006 9:50:48 AM
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> Hi,
> How can I check or assign admin rights to Netware admin account on SLES 9
> OS.

Just as you normally do within NetWare using C1 or iManager, check that
your admin is a trustee of root with all rights assigned.

> I am running OES Linux and when creating NSS volumes through iManager
> (logged in as the Netware administrator) I receive the error message
> 'CIO error, permission denied".

Does it make a difference if you try the operation using nssmu on the OES
box. What if you retry the operation logged in as root instead of admin?

Niclas Ekstedt, CNA/CNE/CNS/CLS
Systems Engineer/NSC Sysop
Telindus G�teborg AB

Telindus. Change things your way
10/11/2006 8:17:21 PM

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