xp pro, 4.9 client locks up and server refuses to release connection.

One of the 60 users in a network (many running xp pro) is on client
4.9 and seems to be very troublesome.
This machine seems to lockup for no reason and causes extremely high
utilization on the server.
Rebooting the machine and logging in again doesn't help as the logged
in connections just keep piling up.
Trying to release the connections in monitor just locks monitor.
Using the portal to release connections doesn't help either.
Checking the profile/debug info in portal shows many server threads
running, each with a piece of cpu utilization, but adding up very
high.  More info on these show ncpip.nlm delayed.

This causes a domino effect as eventually other users have connection
issues and upon reboot, cannot log in.  I assume that the initial
'bad' client is using up the rest of the connection licenses.

Netware 6sp3
all volumes are tradional
level 2 oplocks is disabled at server
disabled client file caching at server, but after the trouble started.

reverting client back to 4.83 to see if that helps.
Any other ideas appreciated.

11/5/2003 5:31:55 PM
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This clearly sounds like an oplock issue.

> disabled client file caching at server, but after the trouble

You should reboot your server after this. That makes sure that no
connections are remaining and all connections will be negaciated

 Marcel Cox
 Using VA 5.51 build 315

11/6/2003 8:43:07 PM