XP Memory Dump on SP2 Netware Client 4.9 sp2

I have a brand new system that shipped with Windows XP sp2.  I loaded 
the netware client for xp 4.9 sp2( I get a memory dump 
and blue screen everytime I boot up.  Is there an issue with XP sp2 or 
do I need a different client.

Please help
1/11/2005 6:25:36 PM
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we can the same problem with NW 4.90 SP2.
Now we have install the Postfix Variante D. we have now in this time no blue 
I think, the variante D cure this problem.


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"Dustin" <iamtheone@telus.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
>I have a brand new system that shipped with Windows XP sp2.  I loaded the 
>netware client for xp 4.9 sp2( I get a memory dump and 
>blue screen everytime I boot up.  Is there an issue with XP sp2 or do I 
>need a different client.
> Please help
> Dustin 

1/11/2005 8:41:21 PM

As Christian suggests, it would be worth trying the update D for the client.

In the bluescreen, does it say which module is causing the bluescreen?

Hamish Speirs
Novell Support Forums Volunteer Sysop.


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1/12/2005 5:07:55 AM

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