netware client login #2

Please help with this.
When I launch the netware client shortcut, it automatically logs in as
"test user".  Is there a way to delete the last account to login under
netware. I'm using client 4.91 sp5

Thank you


11/26/2009 1:56:02 PM
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Although an old TID, but concept still applies:


eDirectory Rules!
11/26/2009 11:27:09 PM

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I'm having this recurring issue that pops up. It's only ever happened on hp laptops. (Fresh image built, not factory image). Most never have it but some develop it over time. All of a sudden it will take 2-3 minutes before the login prompt appears. Uninstall the client, problem goes away. Reinstall and it comes back. This has persisted through various versions of the client, right now XP SP2/client 4.91 SP3 with post SP3 updates. zen 6.5sp2ir1 is also installed. Not sure how to troubleshoot this as I can't do anything in windows before the login. Also th...

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I am posing this question to the discussion group. How can we through Novell 5.1 with a Win XP 4.9 client require a login with a user name and password rather than establishing a BIOS password. Thank you in advance. Also is there a specific location where I would be able to acces this information? Gary Hawk H-L School Bascom, Ohio Gary, Since the Windows NT security model requires you to logon locally or via a domain you need to authenticate to a Windows account in addition to eDirectory(NDS). Its usually recommended to sync the account names and passwords between Wind...

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I'm evaluating ZCM 10.3 running on Windows Server 2008 R2, one machine with XP SP3, Novell Client 4.91 SP5 and ZCM Client eDirectory as user source, the same username and password on windopws xp and eDir. Novell Client login is fine, but then I get ZCM login window with the same username. Entering the correct password brings me the message "Unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect." I have reinstalled the Novell Client and tried a lot of things from TID 3273870 - no success - I just cannot logi...

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How can you login to a netware server using a wireless laptop???? > How can you login to a netware server using a wireless laptop???? Is the network itself connected to a wireless router? -- Barry Schnur Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop easy if you have a wireless network. or a wireless card in the server (not that i would recommend _that_)... at some point you need to have a wireless/wired connection... -- Cheers! Richard Beels ~ Network Consultant ~ Sysop, Novell Support Connection ~ MCNE, CNE*, CNA*, CNS*, N*LS Richard Bee...

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I too am having problems with an XP Professional operating system loaded on a workstation. The Novell Client see that the workstation on on the network and brongs the login screen to the desktop. But when login is attempted, the message "cannot find tree or server" appears. Manual entry of the proper path does no good. What might be the problem and how has anyone else solved this problem? Setup DHCP to hand out the IP-Numbers of a server that holds Replica of your Users, and setup the Client under DHCP Settings to use server with binary data. Quick check......

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