Login problem

We recently installed Win2k on a box.  After installing the client
v4.83 we
are not prompted for the Novell login.  I can right click on the sys
"N" and login in the way.

What is set incorrectly?

11/6/2003 1:39:16 PM
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Justin Moore wrote:
> We recently installed Win2k on a box.  After installing the client
v4.83 we
> are not prompted for the Novell login.  I can right click on the sys
> "N" and login in the way.
> What is set incorrectly?

Control Panel | Users and Passwords | Enabled "Users must enter a user

Edison Ortiz
Novell Support Connection SysOp
(No Email Support, Thanks !)

11/6/2003 2:58:50 PM
Ensure AutoAdminLogon is not enabled...........

NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon\AutoAdminLogon = 0

Justin Moore wrote:

> We recently installed Win2k on a box.  After installing the client
v4.83 we
> are not prompted for the Novell login.  I can right click on the sys
> "N" and login in the way.
> What is set incorrectly?

Craig Wilson
CNE3, 4, 5 - MCSE - CCNA
NSC Sysop (http://support.novell.com/forums/)

Tech Writer - http://www.ithowto.com
(I Peter 4:10)

11/6/2003 11:43:45 PM

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If I try to login to a workstation as a new user I get a windows prompt asking for my password. If I click cancel, then type in my password again on the novell login it works perfectly. I had this problem with the 4.9 client and had to backrev these files to 4.83. nalntsrv.exe - 16/11/2000 wm.exe - 09/05/2000 wsreg32r.dll - 29/09/2000 wsreg32.exe - 22/02/2000 wsreg.dll 22/02/2000 wuser32.exe - 25/09/2000 zenapp32.dll - 22/02/2001 zenpol32.dll - 22/02/2000 We are running Novell Client 4.91 sp3. We use dynamic local user(dlu) and we do not delete profiles on logout. Thanks...

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On every XP machine I have (and Win2K) once I log into Netware and XP (1st time) I only have to log into netware on subsequent logins. However on a new XP machine I have, it requires me to login into both NW and XP each time. It's not caching/storing the last user ID for XP when I log in. Not sure if it's a NW issue or XP issue, I am stumped. Thought maybe one of you gurus might know the answer to this? Mike Mike, Does this help?... Roaming profile fails to copy down at login after applying Windows XP SP1 or Windows 2000 SP4 http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/searc...

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