Client 4.8x

I need to download the entire original 4.8x client but cannot find it.
anyone give me a link or address where I can get it?  Thanks.


11/5/2003 10:49:19 PM
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[PageSpeed] 47 is a link to the
4.83SP2 Client if that will do.

John Smith wrote:

> I need to download the entire original 4.8x client but cannot find
it.  Can
> anyone give me a link or address where I can get it?  Thanks.
> Susan

Craig Wilson
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(I Peter 4:10)

11/5/2003 11:04:59 PM

And after installing add 483PSP2E -

Hamish Speirs
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11/6/2003 12:51:47 AM
> I need to download the entire original 4.8x client but cannot find
> anyone give me a link or address where I can get it?  Thanks.
> Susan
Try this website

11/6/2003 1:43:12 AM

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I loaded the Novell Client for XP version 4.83 and also tried 4.90 but, as shown below, there seems to be a problem with the login script mappings. Results window displays: Your current context is FINGERMATE User: FM95 Context: FINGERMATE Your current tree is: Fingermate You are attached to server FM1. LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-430: The following drive mapping operation could not be completed. [INS S16:=FM1_SYS:PUBLIC/JKDATA/AR] The error code was 8804. LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-430: The following drive mapping operation could not be completed. [INS S16:=FM1_SYS:PUBLIC/JKDATA/I...

Netware 4.0 Compatibility with Client 4.9 on XP
My server is running NetWare 4.0 and all of my Windows 98 workstations (running client 3.32) are able to login perfectly fine. I just got a new P4 Windows XP workstation though and installed the XP client 4.9 sp2, and that one will not login at all, it doesn't even show the tress or server in the advanced tab. Does anyone know how this could be corrected? Make sure to run the installation with 'Custom' 'IPX Only' options. Also, v4.9 is not the recommended client for NetWare4.x - you should uninstall it and install this client:

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We have been running 4.11 with various workstations.(dos, windows of many flavors up to and including XP Homeand XP Professsional) Most workstations use client 4.83 with no problem. Our primary use is a dos based program using a btrieve engine. Every machine is fundamentally working fine. I just bought a brand new workstation and downloaded client 4.9. I coudn't connect to the server. I ugraded to XP Pro and after much effort, I connected to the server. The problem is when I run the program with the btreive engine, it always freezes up after a few minutes. Any advise? Help ...

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I'm having a lot of troubles to connect an XP Pro workstation with a 4.11 Novell network. All the other workstations use W98, so it's my first experience with this. The PC is a Pentium 4 2.53 GHZ with Windows XP Proffesional SP1. The network cards (I installed a second one) are a D-Link DFE 538TX and a NIC Fast Ethernet PCI Family RTL8139 Realtek. The server runs Novell 4.11. I installed Netware Client 4.91 SP3 and it wouldn't log in (giving message "cannot acces the tree"). Changed protocol from IPX and IP to IPX only. Same result. Entered correct frame typ...

Netware 4.1 windows xp or xp professional and which client
I have Netware 4.1 running on dos with dataflex and windows 98 machines. I am getting a Windows xp or xp professional machine. Any one know which one would work best for a dos based database system and would work with novell 4.1 and which client to use. We also have word and excel documents on the fileserver that are shared by the windows 98 workstations. We would like the xp or professional to run the dos stuff and also share the word and excel files. Thank You, Seth XP Professional is the one designed for networking environment. Although, I've seen reports that XP Home wor...

Windows XP Netware Client and Netware 4.11 server
I am having some odd problems with this combination. Most of our client machines are W98 and the login script seems to work just fine. The new Windows XP Pro computer I am trying to add to the network doesn't seem to behave the same as my W2K Pro computers using the same Novell Client. Login times and NetWare rescource access times were very long so I removed the IP support from the Novell Client, specified the 802.3 frame used by the 4.11 server and specified its actual network number in the NWLink protocol settings. That helped one login user: everything worked nicely, l...

problem between xp home/netware client 4.83sp2 & win95 clients
This may not even be down to Netware, but I am trying to eliminate certain factors. we have 3 older PCs running Win95 v4.00.95b and the original Netware 32 client (it came with Intranetware 4.11) and one new machine that has WinXP Home and the Netware client 4.83sp2. At first everything was fine, then we had a problem with the new machine and we ended up re-installing XP Home and fitting a new network card. This seemed to be OK for a few days when we noticed these 3 older PCs started to lock up, with explorer.exe not responding and we had to switch them off to get them ...

Client 4.91 SP4 XP and Netware 4.11 / NWADMIN does not start
Hello. I have a Netware 4.11 server running with new XP machines (before there were W2K clients). I am using Client 4.91 SP4 and cannot anymore start NWADMIN32 (from PUBLIC/WIN32). NWADMN95 works. NWADMIN32 (from PUBLIC/WIN32) still works from an old W2K client. I tried the W2K compatability mode, but not success. No error message, just nothing happens after doubleclick on NWADMIN32. Thanks for help, Michael Michael, > I have a Netware 4.11 server running with new XP machines (before there were > W2K clients). I am using Client 4.91 SP4 and cannot anymore start N...

Client 4.90SP2 vs. Microsoft's XP Netware Client
We run a database program that is having problems with the Netware client. Data corruption and performance are a problem. So, I tested the Microsoft Netware client vs. the Novell client and I am getting much better performnace from the Microsoft client. The Micorsoft client is 60 times faster during a 'post data' function. This translates from 15 seconds for Microsoft to 15 minutes for Novell! Is there anything I can do to speed up the Novell Client? Jerry Gunn Metamora High School Well, since you apparently need only IPX support (you didn't note which ver...

Netware client 4.6 4.7 and 4.8 with Netware 6.5?
Can I run 4.6, 4.7 and 4.8 of the Netware Client without issues with Netware 6.5? As I'll be doing an upgrade and don't want to go around the workstations twice to configure them. Thanks > Can I run 4.6, 4.7 and 4.8 of the Netware Client without issues with Netware > 6.5? You can run them but not sure without issues since some of those clients were not tested against NetWare6.5 -- Edison Ortiz Novell Product Support Forum SysOp (No Email Support, Thanks !) John, They *should* run okay, but there will have been no testing done with 4.6 or 4.7, and ...

Netware Client 4.83SP1 & 4.90SP1 Causes Blue Screens In Windows XP
We have a number of HP Compaq d530 desktop systems running Windows XP SP1 Professional. With virtually any image I can find or make for these models, I get a blue screen of death after installing the Netware client (both 4.83SP1 & 4.90SP1). In either case, the client is installed (including the remote control utility for Zenworks) and the machine reboots after the installation has completed. When the machine comes back up everything seems fine...until you log in. At that point, the machine will give a blue screen of death. All of these systems have Intel Extreme grap...

Client 4.83 Sp3 & Win XP Prof to Netware 4.10 Server
Hi Guys First time of posting, can anyone help me? We have a Netware 4.10 server (patched to latest) working fine with Win98 Pc's using Novell Client. All runs so fine you wouldn't believe it. Now trying to add some new workstation PC's, which have Win XP Professional SP2 on them. I'm using Novell Client 4.83 SP3 (seen that this is best to use from reading some of the posts for this type of configuration). We can get the machines to see the server fine, but we seem to have a couple of problems which I'd appreciate help/comments on. Periodically when logging...

Login-Problem: Win XP Home -> Client 4.91 -> Netware 4.11
On a new Computer - the first XP in the net - I have a little problem logging in to Netware 4.11. If I stand by the computer while booting and type in the password when the Novell login screen is shown, everything works perfect. But when I walk away from the computer or doing other works while the computer is booting and the login screen is stand for a time, I enter my passwort, a big "N" is shown an two network cables are blinking (on the screen) but I get no access to the Server. Does anyone knows how to solve this problem. Thanks in advance. On 3/30/2005 Lars.Pfau...

Netware 4.1 and XP Client
Hello folks, I recently fired up an old (1997) Proliant server running Netware 4.1. Amazingly, all drives booted just fine after the drives were reseated. I can get onto this beast just fine from DOS, but I'm having a tough time with the XP client. I downloaded the 4.83 client, as this seemed to be the general recommendation. I can't get this client to see the server or the tree. I can't remember what the tree is supposed to be, anyway. I've made sure at this point that both IP and IPX are loaded and tweaked the IPX so NLSP is also running. The workstation can pi...

Netware client 4.9 on XP
I setup a new Dell XP workstation as always. I added a static IP for it, added it to the Windows 2000 domain, then installed the client. I started with the 4.8 client but it has 4.9 on it now. When I log into the workstation it prompts that no domain controller is available. I know that it is and it is only a problem with this workstation. If I choose workstation only it will loging and I have access to all of the Windows 2000 servers. It has to be a client issue and is only with this newest workstation. Any ideas?? Try if the problem also exists with SP1: ...

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