We are running client 4.83sp2 on our winXP pro workstations. Lately,
pc's have started acting diffirent to the norm. out of about 250 
workstations, with about 4000 students going thru them in a day, some
have started rejecting logins. Not specific machines or specific
but at random. The client login will accept their username and
password as 
valid, and disappear like for a normal login, but a few seconds later
login prompt re-appears and the user is requested to log in again.
then keeps happening with the result that the user cannot log in on
machine. In some cases this user can log in to another pc elsewhere,
others not. Very confusing and hard to try and track down. We dont get
reports firsthand, this gets reported via two levels of inbetween
and we cannot duplicate the occurances in our testlab.

Can anyone suggest where to look, or a fix?

11/6/2003 10:53:31 AM
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Do you happen be using NetWare print queues with HP printers and
Does the word SYSTEM display in the Username: field of the
Novell GINA, if so...

Kai and Alan bring up some good suggestions and questions in this

Subject: Windows XP Login pops up with SYSTEM in Username field
Message-ID: <eT%Ma.6253$>
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2003 19:55:54 GMT

This thread digs deepest into the issue...

Subject: SYSTEM login prompt on Windows XP
Message-ID: <vfhja.38177$>
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003 15:10:19 GMT

Tony Pedretti
TransUnion LLC

11/7/2003 12:55:06 AM
We are using NDPS printing for the student labs, but we have been
this for quite a while, and the problem only started occurring in the
2 months. The printers are not hp, but the printservers are.

The login prompt doesnt show SYSTEM, it reverts back to the previous 
person who logged into that particular workstation, in most cases THAT

person could log in on the workstation.

Could the probelm lie in an associated policy, or possibly the

11/7/2003 6:45:43 AM
Basically it would prompt if, for whatever reason, the system was
trying to
access some resource that the currently logged in user doesn't have
access/rights to.

Does it make any reference to Bindery?  If so, its possible NDS
authentication if failing and its trying other methods.


11/7/2003 2:21:15 PM

Its the initial login screen he's getting. System starts logging in,
then goes
back to initial login screen.

Seem to recall this was fixed in one of the post SP2 patches - I'd
installing 483psp2e.exe

Hamish Speirs
Novell Support Forums Volunteer Sysop.

(No email unless requested please)

11/8/2003 12:07:21 AM
Have you got Workstation Manager installed (Zen 3.2)?

Some apps change the permissions in the registry, and that makes
unable to continue with login, so it cames back to the ctrl+alt+del

We have had this problem with ViewNow Netmanage, Novell supplied a
special nwgina.dll, they said the fix will be in the next patch (it is

not in the "e" post SP2).


11/8/2003 5:47:45 PM

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