BSOD's since latest Windows Update

64 bit Windows 7
Numerous machines running Novell Client for W7 SP1 (ir8 & ir9) as well 
as SP2 ir1a.

All of these machines were working fine until late last week.   Now they 
all BSOD multiple times a day.   I'm guessing it has something to do 
with the latest batch of Windows updates that came out last week.  The 
only W7 machine not having this problem is a SP1 ir4 machine.    If I 
uninstall the Novell CLient, then the machines no longer BSOD.    I 
can't find an installer for pre ir8 to test if older versions truly do 
not have this issue.   Anyone have any clues?

2/21/2012 8:53:30 PM
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More info ... does the BSOD actually mention the client?
'How To Find Bsod Error Messages'

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2/21/2012 11:26:01 PM