ACU Installation Error ...installation is already running...

When attempting to upgrade the Novell Client on Windows Vista systems,
the installation stops with the attached error message:

"Installation Error: The Novell Client Installation is already running
on this Windows machine. Please complete and close the existing Novell
Client Installation program before attempting to run SETUP.EXE again.."

Prior to the install, the system was restarted, no instances of
setup.exe. Monitoring task manager shows that ACU will attempt to start
two instances of setup.exe.

We have multiple systems which yield the same error so it is not a
'one-of' situation.

If you run setupNW.exe, the client installs with no issues.

I can't see anyone else with this error - any suggestions? Thanks!


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4/6/2010 5:36:02 PM
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To correct myself, should have been SETUP.EXE (not setupNW.EXE).

On the limited number of Windows 7 systems we have in production, we
have not been able to reproduce this problem.

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4/6/2010 6:36:01 PM
More information - it appears that, for the systems which are having
difficulties upgrarding, they are running version 1 of the Novell Client
for Vista (attempting to upgrade to the Novell Client for Vista/Win7 v2
SP1 (IR1)).  Again, running setup.exe on these systems will ugprade with
no issues, it is only when we attempt to use ACU.

Can someone reproduce by chance?

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4/7/2010 1:26:02 PM

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