Act DB on NW6

I have a problem that is a bit specific but maybe someone can point me
some possible causes.

I have an Act v6 database on a mapped network drive with a 10 user
Win98 users can login to the database from their machines with no
however my WinXP machine will only login if I am the only user. With
users logged in I get a message from Act that the application is
already in
use and cannot login.

On speaking to Act technical they tell me it is most probably an issue
folder rights on the server or user rights on the WinXP machine as I
login as the only user successfully. Act tries to make a connection to
database before the Act login dialogue is shown, however with more
than one
user already in the db I don't get that far.

Logging onto the server as Admin with full rights and logging into
WinXP as
administrator with full admin rights does not cure my problem.

Any ideas please.


11/6/2003 10:50:37 AM
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Sometimes specific builds of nwfs.sys in the Novell Client can make or
legacy/db apps.
I would try the latest beta SPs on 4.83 or 4.90 and report as much as
possible to Novell.

Tony Pedretti
TransUnion LLC

11/7/2003 12:51:12 AM
Terry, is that an NSS volume where the Act DB resides?  The Act folks 

have a problem with NSS volumes and handling file locking.

Barry Schnur
Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop

11/7/2003 6:11:36 AM
Not an NSS volume Barry. I have re-installed Act after manually
cleaning it
out and the problem has gone from that machine. I guess it may be an
Act upgrade. I did find Sage tech sup a little wanting on this issue
blaming Novell Server rights first. Thanks for the heads up on the NSS

volume issue though.

"Barry Schnur" <> wrote in message
> Terry, is that an NSS volume where the Act DB resides?  The Act
> have a problem with NSS volumes and handling file locking.
> -- 
> Barry Schnur
> Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop

11/10/2003 10:15:04 AM

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