4.9 sp1 client not mapping drives on XP Pro also pops up the workstation login

I am having 2 problems with the 4.9 sp1 client. On a new PC with JUST XP 
loaded I installed the client with a custom install. All defaults were 
chosen execpt it uses just IPX for the protocal. A XP profile is created 
with the same user name and password as the novell login with 
administrator access.

The first problem happens when logging in. When I log in to Novell it 
then pops up the workstation login every time it is booted. Other 
machines at the location, some running the same client do not do this.

Once the pc is logged on, the drive mappings from the log on script are 
not showing. You can navigate to the volume through "network places" but 
the drive mappings do not show up. If I try to map the drive by hand it 
maps it, but when you try to access it you get an error saying the drive 
is not accessable.

This happend with 2 different computers but with the same setup.

I then uninstalled the client via add/remove programs and tried loading 
an older client (4.83 sp2) and the workstation log on did NOTt appear 
after logging on to novell, but the drive mappings still were not there 
and the same problem persisted.

Other workstations at the location run clients anywhere from 4.83 sp1 - 
to the most current with out problems. Any ideas how to fix this?
6/29/2004 3:28:10 PM
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What version and SP of NetWare are you connecting to with IPX?
Can you reproduce with 49psp1a_pkb.exe on top of 4.90 SP1a?...

Production updates for 4.90

There have been reported issues with client 4.90 SP1a and bindery connections.  People 
have reported the latest beta of SP2 for 4.90 appears to address them.

Public Beta 2 of SP2 for 4.90 is available for testing and going well.  In addition to 
this forum, report issues via the feedback link...

Both beta SP2 and the feedback section are available at the above link.  Should it not 
work, go off the main beta site to get it...

Hopefully we'll see a release in the next few weeks.
If you can't test for the time being you may want to stick with client 4.83 SP3.

Tony Pedretti
TransUnion LLC 

6/30/2004 12:56:26 AM