User Home directory - public_html will not work for a few users in one container

Very strange situation. Hope I am missing something simple...
Home directory public_html folders are working for all users in
Teachers container. Also working for most users in Staff container.
However, several public_html for users in Staff container are not
working. If I move the user objects to Teacher container (leaving
directories where they are) they work! What should I be looking at?
LDAP, Public trustee rights, something else? Thanks in advance...
12/3/2004 4:51:13 PM
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Additional info... The affected users also have a workstation object
with the same name... So it appears that Netware is searching the
Workstations container and finding the CN of the Workstation object
first... How can I stop that? Thanks.

12/6/2004 1:51:21 PM