Excel files locked after Excel crash

After Excel crashed a file that is used by several people, stored on
the shared volume of the department, it will only  open in read-only. 
Trying to change or delete it gets Sharing Violation error.  We can
save to another name/location but now can not get rid of old file.  In
the past the only way to clear this was when the server was rebooted. 
How do we clear the sharing violation with out rebooting the server? 
We have NSS ona NW 6 server with latest updates.

12/3/2003 4:58:44 PM
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Using NRM you can selectively unlock the file. Goto https://<server ip
address>:8009, Volumes, drill down through the volume to the file,
click on the info icon to the left of the file name, scroll to the
bottom of the screen, there is an option to disconnect individual
users from the file.

Hamish Speirs
Novell Support Forums Volunteer Sysop.


(No email unless requested please)

12/3/2003 10:41:53 PM

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