Need help installing Digital Airlines demo (6.5) #2

Oops, hit the enter key instead of the tab key. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I'm trying to install the Digital Airlines demo (Netware 6.5) in 
a Microsoft Virtual PC environment. I get stuck trying to load the 
network card. The computer has an Intel Pro/100+ adapter, which is 
onfigured in the Virtual PC as Adapter 1. It's installed in PCI slot 3. 
When hdetect says it can't find a network card, I manually load the Intel 
8255x PCI Adapter driver, which lists Intel Pro/100+ as a supported 
adapter, and set it to slot 3 but it won't load. It also says that 10007 
and 10008 are available slots, but I can't get it to load with those 

Any suggestions, short of not doing it in Virtual PC? Or is there a 
better place to post this query?



6/15/2004 3:53:19 PM
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As far as I know, Virtual PC does not let you see the physical network
adapter, but emulates an Ethernet card based on a DEC chip. What you
need in that case is the DC21X4.LAN driver. The driver should be
available in the c:\drivers\unsuppdrv directory os the server.

Marcel Cox (using XanaNews
6/18/2004 4:00:28 PM

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