Netware 6.5 SP8 server "edirectory error, could not unlock"

Netware 6.5 sP8 server,   We started seeing 6038 error messages and then
upon rebooting server found that eDirectory database will not open.  
Seeming that the database would not open, I've removed this server from
the replica ring so that business can continue.

I may also be seeing a strange thing with NSS volumes.   Volumes seem
to have enough space, but SYS was reporting 22% free and is now
reporting 2% free.

SYS1 has gone from 6% free to 2% free.   I've deleting several Gig of
this 250G volume and it seems like I'm not reclaiming any used space

I'm working from least invasive up, so I'm still looking for some files
to delete.

I've ran nss purge and nss verify and all seems fine.   My last step
would be to run the nss rebuild.

Thanks for any tips,


2/14/2011 7:36:03 PM
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On Mon, 14 Feb 2011 19:36:03 +0000, lcurrie wrote:

> I may also be seeing a strange thing with NSS volumes.   Volumes seem to
> have enough space, but SYS was reporting 22% free and is now reporting
> 2% free.

What other volumes are in the same NSS pool as SYS? 

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2/14/2011 10:14:34 PM
free should have been full!!!!   Problem was with eDirectory corrupted
database and not with NSS volume corruption.

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2/14/2011 11:06:02 PM
Simple setup, SYS is SYS and SYS1 is SYS1.

I think the problem may be fixed now.   I still may have some more work
on it.

Problem seems to have only been an eDirectory corruption error.   When
DSREPAIR wouldn't run it was giving me an "Insufficient disk space"

I had tried to do dsrepair -xk2 and that is where the "insufficient
disk space" came into play.

Last thing that seemed to help and work was starting server with server
-ndb and running a basic local repair.   100,000s errors were found and
purged.  I ran 3 times to get down to zero errors.     After repairs and
rebooting server, I was able to access the SYS and SYS1 volumes.   When
looking at stats from Netware client the volumes appeared to have
sufficient diskspace, being only 14% and 3% full!!!!   NOT FREE!!!!

I had tuned in to the numbers and focused on those numbers as being
bad.   Since DSREPAIR was telling me "insufficient disk space".

I have some more fine-tuning to do.  It is getting more rare that I
have to work on a Netware server as most all of my servers now are OES2
SP2a Linux.  I rarely run Dsrepairs trying to fix things any more, so it
has been a while.

My plan is to attempt readding replicas to this server and then seeing
if Novell Storage Manager will load properly.  I'm feeling better that
it will that this was an eDirectory issue only and not a NSS or Novell
Storage Manager issue.

thanks for suggestions,  it is great having this go to resource to ask
our questions!!!!

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2/14/2011 11:36:04 PM
Good note,   my steps above were successful.    The affected server is
functioning properly again and Novell Storage Manager loaded with no

Main problem was corrupted eDirectory replicas, and either lock files
or something that was preventing me from running repairs.   Once I was
able to get past the "insufficient disk space" error, I was able to
repair the local database on the affected server and place new replicas
on server.

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2/15/2011 6:06:08 PM

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