bash script path variables

Sorry if this is the wrong forum (did a search for other bash related
questions and went to where they seemed to be at).

I've got a script I've written to do some various backup tasks - I got
it scheduled and everything like that but I'm having an issue.

There's a folders structure /Scholastic/EESAM_Sever/.... that exists
and I can browse it without any issue.
I issue the command "$Path=/ScholasticEE" and I get back "-bash:
=/ScholasticEE/: No such file or directory"
So I checked my typing and everything looks good.. I can even use auto
complete "$Path=/Scho<tab>" which then gives me "$Path=/ScholasticEE/"
and I still get the same error.

Even in FTP I have an issue.
ftp -pin
ftp> lcd
Local directory now /root
ftp> lcd /ScholasticEE
Local directory now /ScholasticEE
ftp> lcd
Local directory now /root

Even if I try an mput command
mput /ScholasticEE/SAM_Server/SAM_BKUP_201202*.*
550 /ScholasticEE/SAM_Server/ The system
cannot find the path specified.

Obviously it can find the file because it was able to process the wild
cards to an actual file but then it cannot read them?
If I do an ls -l rights are reported back as "-rw-rw-r--"

Any thoughts?


2/22/2012 5:06:02 PM
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I'd probably post in the OES Linux (vs. OES NetWare) forum in the future.

The first error is an understanding problem with bash.  To set a
variable you do NOT use the variable on the left-hand side:


Later, show it with the path to indicate it is a variable:

echo $Path

Where you are using the $Path to set things what you're telling bash to
do is to find $Path and print it out and whatever it prints out treat as
something to have the path set to it.  Anyway, it's wrong in almost all

Later you're breaking the FTP client's rules which as far as I know has
nothing to do with your earlier environment variable attempt.  This is a
confusing issue that everybody using the ftp command eventually hits so
it's a great question to ask.  Normally ftp's put command is given a
file to send somewhere (to the FTP server) and it takes the given-file
(the whole thing) and tells the FTP server to put it with the same name.
 Thus, the following:

ftp> put somefile.txt

is actually doing the following:

ftp> put somefile.txt somefile.txt

The first parameter is what to send, the second parameter is how to
place it on the destination side.  You can do this explicitly to rename
files while sending them:

ftp> put somefile.txt someOtherName.txt

Now, what if you have a path?  You did not indicate you had tried it but
taking out wildcards should result in the same failure:

ftp> put /tmp/somefile.txt

This should likely fail on your box because it's actually sending this:

ftp> put /tmp/somefile.txt /tmp/somefile.txt

So does your FTP server really have a /tmp directory?  Probably not.
Does it have /ScholasticEE?  Almost certainly not.  Anyway, the
following test will show you how it CAN work (in all cases, assuming the
origin file exists and permissions allow you to access it, of course):

ftp> put /tmp/somefile.txt somefile.txt

So that will send assuming /tmp/somefile.txt is accessible.  Similarly
the following should work:

ftp> put /ScholasticEE/SAM_Server/

In your case the wildcard finds what you want to send, but the path goes
across too and doesn't send properly.

Good luck.
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2/22/2012 5:41:13 PM

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