Apache Single-Server Admin Tool

I am having an issue and just want to see if anyone else has seen

When I click the link to take me to the Apache single-server
administration tool, sometimes the page appears and it works
perfectly. Other times, the page never appears and the browser waits
indefinitely (the progress indicator never stops).

Any thoughts?

4/22/2004 2:57:07 PM
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> When I click the link to take me to the Apache single-server
> administration tool, sometimes the page appears and it works
> perfectly. Other times, the page never appears and the browser waits
> indefinitely (the progress indicator never stops).

I haven't used it enough to know, sorry.
Are you using IE? HOw about applying all the IE updates? Something
rings a bell in the back of my head as there being a problem if not all
the pdates were applied.

Jared L Jennings, CNE
Novell Support Forums SysOp.

Perusing with XanaNews Reader
Geek by Nature, NetWare by Choice.
4/22/2004 6:37:59 PM

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