mapping a drive using "net use" w/no password" #2

I want to set up a test scenario where I have a bunch of clients
into a Netware server using native file access.  My clients use a
file which maps shares to the server using the "net use 
\\server\share /p=no" (for no password).  I keep getting "system error
5 -
 access is denied".  What am I doing wrong and what can I do to fix
Thanks for your help

1/20/2004 4:50:09 AM
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Assuming you're using Local mode, you must assign a Simple password.  

Note that a blank Simple password is not the same as never assigning a

Simple password.

NSC Volunteer SysOp

1/20/2004 5:17:02 PM
> Assuming you're using Local mode, you must assign a Simple password.
> Note that a blank Simple password is not the same as never assigning
> Simple password.
> bd
> NSC Volunteer SysOp

Worked like a charm!! Thanks for your help.

1/21/2004 12:35:57 AM
Glad it was a "simple" problem. :)

NSC Volunteer SysOp

1/21/2004 2:41:08 PM

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mapping a drive using "net use" w/no password"
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