Required Rights for User Application

What rights are required in the Tree for the User Application ?

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On 03/21/2008 04:09 AM, Jim Willeke wrote:

> What rights are required in the Tree for the User Application ?
> Thanks
> -jim

You will find what you need here:

3/21/2008 2:39:56 PM
Thanks -jim

John DaSilva wrote:
> On 03/21/2008 04:09 AM, Jim Willeke wrote:
>> What rights are required in the Tree for the User Application ?
>> Thanks
>> -jim
> You will find what you need here:
3/23/2008 9:45:28 AM

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Application Rights Auditor (freeware)
"BeyondTrust Application Rights Auditor makes it easy for companies to identify the Windows applications that require users to have administrative rights in order to run. Once those applications are identified, enterprises can develop informed plans to remove users' administrative rights without any application downtime, creating a more secure and compliant environment, and lowering the cost of administering Windows computers". via

User Rights Management
Hello, This post is somewhat long, but I would highly appreciate if you can read it and provide some feedback. Any hints, suggestions or criticism regarding the design mentioned below is welcome. Thank you in advance. I have to incorporate *very* *basic* user authentification and rights management into one of my existing desktop programs. Essentially, I need to be able to grant or deny a privilege to perform a specific action within my program to given group of users. There are many users, but only one of them will be using this program at any time. I want to keep track (add, dele...

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I am new to ASP so please bear with me.   I want to create a site that users create accounts and log into the site. I was able to create this using some of the login controls. My only problem is I want to be able to query my database based upon who is signed in For example   I want to have the following query   Select * from mytable where userid = <Whoever is logged in>   How can I acomplish this with asp?   Thanks for the help   carl   hi, I'm assuming that you are using MS Access Database. Form control names as follow...

User Rights for Applications
Hello, What is the best way to grant a 'power user' or 'user' rights to a specific local file through Group Policy? I'm having the hardest time figuring a decent way to do this. ex: I roll out an application that resides in 'Program Files' and users only have 'read & execute' rights. if I find out later that a certain group needs 'write' rights to a certain '*.ini' file or something, how can this be done without visiting and/or reimaging every workstation? Maybe this is an obvious question and I'm missing something fun...

User Application Rights
On a recently installed UserApp, I noticed this error in the logs: Could not retrieve email server information from [cn=Default Notification Collection,cn=Security]. I assume this is a directory rights issue. I messed with the rights a bit, but I could not get rid of this error without providing wide open rights to the User App. What rights are needed to the Security container for the UserApp? And which ID is actually being used to perform these actions? I thought it was the UserApp admin, but I think it is actually the Identity assigned to the UserApp driver itself, is t...

Manage Users For This Role / Manage Roles For This User Question
In the roles/user management pages there is a link called Manage Users For This Role and Manage Roles For This User respectively. I want non Admins to be able to see these pages, and currently I have it so that they can see the manage users and manage roles pages. However, when a non admin clicks on Manage Users For This Role or Manage Roles For This User link it does not display the control, just an empty page. I can get around this by giving edit rights to the page, but I do not want them to have edit rights for the page. Any ideas? Thanks  ...

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Users Managing Users
I need to create groups of users (Distributors) and in those groups, allow one of them to be able to create new users for that group.  Each Distributor managing their own group of users. I am wondering if this could or should be a module or should I start hacking the source.? For this instance, I'd say create yourself a custom module.  The "hack the source" approach tends to introduce issues over time.  :-)Bill KnausBlog: Check out WorkControl-UserManager

User Rights to Install Applications
Does anyone know if there is a way to install applications from the NAL as administrator (when logged in as a user)? Our site has the desktop locked down to where a user cannot install applications (or anything) to the C: drive. run as system secure user but if installing with snapshot, you don't need that make sure to give apps rights to the source Marc-Andre Vallee (450) 419-7797 x109 Secure System user should work but you need to verify the NALNT (nalntsrv.exe) service is running on the workstation for it to work. &...

Applications That Do Not Require User Interaction
My major client operates out of a secure facility such that I only have access to their 35 or so machines 7:00 am to 5:00 pm (07:00 to 17:00) Monday through Friday. Consequently routine maintenance is a tough thing to do. Most of the users turn off their machines every evening so leaving them running or asking the users to leave them on one night a week or something like that is a non-starter. To deal with this I have put together a framework that hides the "Turn Off Computer" button and replaces it with a similar looking button that actuates my "system" ...

Managing users on a deployed application?
I know that the ASP.NET Configuration Handler has been removed from Beta 2, but what is now the preferred way to manage users and roles in a deployed application? E.g. I've deployed the Personal Web Site Starter Kit to a web server. Now I want to add a user with the role "Administrator" to be able to access the /Admin area. How do I do that without having to edit the database tables directly or having to write my own user management code? ASP.NET 2.0 is supposed to reduce the amount of code I have to write, isn't it? I am having teh same problem/question can anyone suggest any solutio...

Allowing users to be managed in the application
Hi, I am playing round with some of the new users/roles stuff in ASP.NET 2.0 and I am pretty impressed at what it can do. I need a way of providing administrator functions from within my site. You see, I can allow users to register themselves to the application. When they do that, I will most likely assign them a default role (or none at all). I would like then to allow an administrator user to be able to come in, view a list of users and perform certain tasks:  - Change their roles - Block/remove accounts - view/update other exciting information about the user Now I k...

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I'm developing a site on which it's a requirement for a user to login with user id and password to gain access. The site is running on IIS and binding to an LDAP (X500) directory where data is held. What I ideally wanted to do was use a session type variable (as can be achieved in ASP) but despite searching many perl websites and reference books I've found nothing that suggests how this can be achieved with perl on an IIS webserver - everything seems to point to the use of Apache and it's session management capabilities. The only other alternative, I guess, is cookies wh...

Rights required to log other users out?
We have implemented a group policy which activates the screen saver and locks the workstation after 15 minutes on inactivity. I have found that if I come across a workstation which is locked (and the user isn't around) I am able to login as a user with supervisor to the tree root, which logs the current user out. However, if another user who doesn't have S at the root attempts to login at the lock screen, they get a message that says only the current user or system administrator can login. This is in a school, so we want to give teachers the ability to log users ...

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