OES vs SUSE vs IDM vs my future sanity

In the past, Novell has indicated that their -primary- platform for
Identity Manager is SUSE Linux.  IDM development on the OES platform was
secondary.  A good example of this philosophy in action was when OES2
SP1 was released on Linux, which created versioning conflicts between
IDM 3.5, eDir 8.8.4, OES, etc.  Since then, eDir version 8.8.5 has been
released which eases the versioning issues and brings solidarity to the
OES and straight-up Linux platforms.  

Can we expect future releases of OES to be in harmony with IDM from now
on, or is it likely that versioning issues between the three may
reoccur?  Has there been any philosophical shift in this area,?

We had decided on utilizing non-OES SUSE Linux for IDM boxes, however
licensing issues (it is cheaper for OES) and the recent releases of
OES/eDir are causing us to re-evaluate.


12/3/2009 5:46:02 PM
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