GWIA keeps giving 450 Host down

We have a groupwise 7.x system that is installed on windows 2000. The
former tech had installed two NICS on a windows 2000 system one with a
private ip address and the other NIC with a public ip address which was
the registered IP for our domain. We have decided to move our server
inside of a firewall. Now the public ip address is actually the
Sonicwall firewall public ip address and we are port forwarding port 25
and port 110. The mail server now has only one NIC which is the private
internal ip address. Internal mail works fine and we can receive
external email too. GWIA just will not send mail outside, we see 450
host down on almost any domains we try to send mail to. 

From this windows 2000 computer we can get on the internet just fine,
so it seems like the DNS on the NIC works. But somehow it seems like
GWIA is getting its DNS information from somewhere else. I have read
that sometimes you can use RESOLV.cfg but I have no idea where this file
would be saved in a windows environment. I got a novell article that
said you can manually add the DNS to a registry key, I did this but we
are still getting the 450 error. It almost sounds like the former tech
had put a DNS setting somewhere else we are just not seeing and it is
overriding anything that we are putting on the Computer NIC. 

Any help will be greatly appreciated.




5/20/2009 4:16:01 PM
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5/26/2009 6:11:12 PM
The 450 error is not related to DNS.  That comes after a successful DNS
lookup has already occured.  If DNS were failing, you would be getting
an MX Lookup Failure.  450 essentially means that the GWIA is unable to
communicate with the other gateway.  Basically it cannot connect with
other smtp gateways on port 25.  

Have you tried telnetting to some of the sites from the 2000 server
(port 25)?

Jeff Grubbs
Novell Technical Support Engineer II
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6/5/2009 12:26:03 AM

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