UpDate GroupwIse 5.5 to 6.5

Good Afternoon,

After migrated netware Server (and messagerie) 5.1 to 6.5
I would to known how to update automatically 
client groupwise 5.5ep in the workstation to 6.5.

Thank for your Help.

7/18/2007 3:08:57 PM
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TID 10051017 pretty much still applies, you'll just be using an updated 

Cheers Dave

Dave Parkes [NSCS]
Occasionally resident at http://support-forums.novell.com/
7/18/2007 4:19:14 PM
Good Afternoon,

Thank for your help, but it doesn't work with the file setup.cfg in 
directory !. or forget something !

But i use Console to update the client.
As : GroupWise System Operations > Software Directory Management.

As he said : If the software distribution directory is already updated to 
version 6.5 and you are now trying to force Standard Install users to 
update to the GroupWise 6.5 client, you should select only the Force 
Auto-Update Check by GroupWise Components option.

I'm in this configuration then if if have understood , i click only sur 
Force auto-update ?!

Then when i launch the client , i have this information 
your Administrator have an update Groupwise system, but you couldn't reach 
to new software for to do a update !

Thank for your help !.
Tech !

7/19/2007 2:54:57 PM
Do the users have read rights to the SDD ?

Cheers Dave

Dave Parkes [NSCS]
Occasionally resident at http://support-forums.novell.com/
7/19/2007 3:26:03 PM

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