Client changes for Groupwise Not Registering

GW65 Netware 65 current support packs

Go to Console one to make changes to a users password or andd a new user 
and assigning that user to a post office. It seems to take on all machines.

However, only one of 3 machines actually makes the change, if the change 
is made on either one of the other machines it does not take, same user 
login and Console One is run from the same version on the server

What is goung on?

6/30/2004 9:43:44 PM
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When you say "machines" - do you mean servers with post offices?  If so, something is up with the administration threads.  You might look at the "admin" status on the POAs to see if the database looks damaged, etc.

If this isn't what you mean, we need more info

Danita Zanre
Novell Volunteer Sysop

7/1/2004 11:47:16 PM
There is only one server, the problem is with the PC Workstation, all PC 
workstations access ConsoleOne from the server so all are using the same 
version there are 3 workstations we tested this on - one is ok the other 
2 have the problem

The problem is that when the user object is accessed and changes made 
only one of the workstations is successful, all workstations have the 
same version of NICI

Danita Zanre wrote:
> Pete,
> When you say "machines" - do you mean servers with post offices?  If so, something is up with the administration threads.  You might look at the "admin" status on the POAs to see if the database looks damaged, etc.
> If this isn't what you mean, we need more info

7/2/2004 2:41:13 PM

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