GroupWise cache Clients address books not updating

I have several GroupWise 6.0 sp4 clients that use cache mode and when they 
edit a name in a shared address book the name does not synchronize with 
the online version of the same address book.  Have noticed that when 
things are done in cache mode they do not update the online mode for weeks 
at a time.  Why does this happen?

Emails and appointmants seem to be alright, it is just the address books 
for some reason.

Just wondering, 
8/20/2004 3:06:29 PM
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go into the remote mode and check Tools, Options, 
Properties_of_the_account, Advanced and see how the 
Refresh_address_books_and_rules is set.

- Gert
All GroupWise

8/23/2004 11:56:36 AM
> go into the remote mode and check Tools, Options, 
> Properties_of_the_account, Advanced and see how the 
> Refresh_address_books_and_rules is set.
> - Gert
> All GroupWise
Thanks for the reply.  Sorry for getting back to this post so late.  The 
setting for the Remote were not set at all and the setting under the 
Caching mode were set to 7 days, so I moved them to 1 day and they 

Why would that option even be in there?  I would think if you made a 
change to the address books in Cache mode or remote mode you would want 
them to update immediately.

Thanks for the reply,
8/25/2004 1:15:17 PM

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