ERROR - Adding reference to object ID

A couple months back we had some DS sync issues with several servers.
DS crashed and we had to Remove and Replace DS on a few servers. 
Three servers now have an error that I cannot seem to get rid of. 

ERROR: Adding reference to object ID: 2D0000C3, DN:
Referenced by attribute: --18CD80, ACL
of object ID: F3000D5C, DN: CN=W0.CN=KAP.CN=Security.T=AGENCY_TREE.

TID-10089362 Refers to this error.

It suggests that either the DS cache is corrupted or DS is, its suggest 
rebooting DS to clear the cache and if that fails, to -xk2 the server.

I have tried both, and neither work. 

Any ideas?

3/27/2004 8:30:02 PM
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What DS version do you have on this server and others? Is the tree
otherwise healthy as per TID 10060600?

Normally a XK2 should take care of this, since it didn't it might
indicate that the other servers in the replica ring has the same
problems. Have you tried running DSRepair on the other servers in the
replica ring as well?

//Niclas Ekstedt
Niclas Ekstedt, CNE, NSC Sysop
Iftech Network AB
3/30/2004 8:39:36 AM

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