DSRepair - how to use when to use

Any good information on when to use Dsrepair which settings to use ?

Is this something that should be run on a monthly /weekly basis and which 
of the million settings should be turned on:o)  

12/5/2004 6:12:05 AM
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Use DSREPAIR to fix a broken database - that is what it is intended to be
used for.  It is not intended to be used as a "regular maintenance" tool. 
Using it in this way can in fact hide more serious issues by removing
symptoms that indicate a more serious problem.

Use it as a last resort for trying to identify problems with the database.

Run health checks weekly or monthly (depending on how dynamic your
database is and how many objects are in it).

Use iMonitor to diagnose as a first line, DSTRACE second, and DSREPAIR
(with the "Use Temporary Database" option) last.


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12/5/2004 6:38:37 AM

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