6.5 install fails at edirectory install

Installing 6.5 onto a new server in existing tree. 4.11 server in this

partition with ds V6.21 has a r/w replica of root and master of
Everything goes fine until I get to installing into the tree. It sees
tree but when I try and either manually input the server context or
try to 
browse to it, it claims that it cannot connect. After manually typing
the IP number of the server, the same result. I've noticed that on the

temp server console that there is a DS error "Could not open local 
database -723"
When I try logging in to the edirectory with full contextual name I
get a 
login failure Error code -634

Any ideas

Thanks in advance


12/3/2003 8:30:48 PM
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You need IPX on the 6.5 server too, as NW 4.11 does not use IP for
that's OK, you are probably coming across a bug in eDir 8.7.1. See TID

10089141 .
 Andrew C Taubman
 Novell Support Forums Volunteer SysOp
 (Sorry, support is not provided via e-mail)

 Opinions expressed above are not
 necessarily those of Novell Inc.

12/3/2003 11:19:07 PM
Thanks Andrew, I'll give that a try. 
IPX was also installed on the 6.5 box but hey ho. Bugs eh?

> You need IPX on the 6.5 server too, as NW 4.11 does not use IP for
> that's OK, you are probably coming across a bug in eDir 8.7.1. See
> 10089141 .
> -- 
>  Andrew C Taubman
>  Novell Support Forums Volunteer SysOp
>  http://support.novell.com/forums
>  (Sorry, support is not provided via e-mail)
>  Opinions expressed above are not
>  necessarily those of Novell Inc.

12/4/2003 10:18:41 AM

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