Errors with user templates when creating home directories...


we have a Netware 6.5 SP2 Cluster with 4 Nodes.
We want to create users with use of a template. The user home directories 
should be created on a Cluster-Volume (SAN).

We get the follwing error messages:

ConsoleOne 1.36c = unable to process request; file not found
iManager 2.02 = Error: The create user's home directory failed
The user is created but the home directory was not created.

On a non Clustered-Volume everything works fine.

Any Ideas?

10/21/2004 5:25:04 PM
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This is a known bug that is being worked on, but there is no fix or ETA 
for one at present. It's not even clear where exactly the bug lies yet, 
I think the fix will be in but whether it will be in DS, iMan, 
NSS or what is not clear. Sorry. I'm trying to get a TID written at least.
  Andrew C Taubman
  Novell Support Forums Volunteer SysOp
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  necessarily those of Novell Inc.
10/22/2004 12:49:59 AM

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