Odd group authority issue

I have several groups which are assigned to users based on their department.

I also have a support department that have access to all of the groups.

I have two members of the support groups that are set up the same as the others, but can only access the bugs for one group if they are given the department authority (which is just giving them the same authority they should already have, again).


Department A
   Group A
   Group B

Department B
   Group C
   Group D

   Group A
   Group B
   Group C
   Group D

The support user cannot access a bug in Group C. If you give the Support guy access to Department B, he can then access the bug in group C, but he already had this access....confusing...

Has anyone else had this issue? Did you resolve it or just give the department authority(which should not be necessary)?

12/19/2012 12:43:59 PM
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