bugzilla ajax call ... i need some help

hi ... im trying to get some bugs with an ajax-call:


		var params = [{
			  /* The authentication parameters */
			  "Bugzilla_login": "user",
			  "Bugzilla_password": "pw",
			  /* The actual method parameters */
              "ids": [1,2,3]

			var myObject = {
			  "method": "Bug.get",
			  "params": JSON.stringify(params)

			$.ajax({"contentType": "application/json",
			    "data": myObject,
			    "crossDomain": "true",
			    "dataType": "jsonp",
			    "url": "http://localhost/jsonrpc.cgi", 
			    "type": "GET",
		            success: function(bug){
		            error: function () {


i created some bugs an when i just try this ajax call i get my "ok" popup.

BUT ... what i have to do, when i want to get more informations about the bug ... like creator or summary? its my first try with jquery/ajax so i dont know what i have to do with the return-value of my ajax-call.

thx for any idea, solution or other examples
3/26/2013 10:38:19 AM
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