Attachment timeouts

I'm seeing some very odd behaviour on our bz install. The basic problem
is that people with windows (win2k, more precisely) clients, running IE
6.0, are unable to attach large-ish (3-4MB) files.

When attempting to create the attachment the browser times out with the
error that the page can't be reached. One other client gets zero sized

However, it doesn't affect all clients. None of them are running through
a proxy either.

Now all this look exactly what is described in bugs 62000 and its
various dupes, with the oddity that this install of bz is running on a
linux box. The version of bz is 2.17.1.

I'm now trying to see if using binmode (as described in bug 62000) will
make any difference. If anyone has any idea what might be causing this
I'd be most grateful for some help.

7/2/2003 8:45:38 AM
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