superreview requested: [Bug 195224] [views/filter/search] Remove "More" and "Fewer" buttons and add + and - buttons per line : [Attachment 183120] updated patch

Scott MacGregor <> has asked
<> for superreview:
Bug 195224: [views/filter/search] Remove "More" and "Fewer" buttons and add +
and - buttons per line

Attachment 183120: updated patch

------- Additional Comments from Scott MacGregor <>
New patch based on the latest set of feedback:

1) Menulists now have a width of 12em; 
2) dialogs now have a width of 52em and a height of 34em, that with a menu list
width of 12em allowed the dialog to fit without horizontal truncation with
normal sized fonts and large fonts
3) got rid of the button CSS style rule which effected all buttons in the
dialog, moved them into the .small-button class
4) got rid of the listbox fixed width: searchTermListMinWidth

I will spin a up a new bug to track the bug Neil pointed out which I was able
to reproduce.
5/10/2005 6:16:47 AM
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