superreview granted: [Bug 123006] Keyword substitution with %s doesn't escape characters : [Attachment 162844] Updated patch for Mozilla <> has granted Jean-Marc
Desperrier <>'s request for superreview:
Bug 123006: Keyword substitution with %s doesn't escape characters

Attachment 162844: Updated patch for Mozilla

------- Additional Comments from
>+	    shortcutURL  = shortcutURL.match(/%[sS]/) ?
shortcutURL.replace(/%s/g, encodeURIComponent(text))
Nit: you should only have one space before the =
Nit: you should use regexp.test(string), not match
Nit: you wrapped a line but it was still over 80 characters.
Either wrap it harder or don't wrap it at all.
..replace(/%S/g, text)
>+						      : null;
r+sr=me only once all three nits are fixed.
10/21/2004 7:53:01 PM
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