Enumerating properties and retrieving values (All methods have failed)

Given some javascript like the following:

var g_number = 2;

function test()
    var str = "test";

I would like to be able to enumerate all the properties (e.g.
'g_number' and 'str') and get their names and values. I've tried
several different methods for doing so. So far, I've had the most
success using JS_GetPropertyDescArray. However, I haven't been able to
get the property values or any information about global properties.
Here's some simple test code:

JSPropertyDescArray pda;

JS_GetPropertyDescArray(pContext, pObject, &pda);

for(int j = 0; j < pda.length; j++)
     JSPropertyDesc desc = pda.array[j];

     std::string strPropertyName =

     JSString* pString = JS_ValueToString(pContext, desc.value);

     std::string strValue = "";

         strValue = JS_GetStringBytes( pString );

'strValue' comes back as 'undefined'. I've also tried calling
JS_GetProperty after retrieving the name, but without success.

Any ideas? One piece of information which might be useful: I'm using
JS_CompileScript to generate a JSScript object and then I'm iterating
through the atomMap in the script object.


5/29/2008 3:27:19 PM
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