[RHINO/HTTPUNIT] org.mozilla.javascript.JavaScriptException: java.io.EOFException


I get the above error messaging during (httpunit-)parsing of the URL :

The stacktrace is:
org.mozilla.javascript.JavaScriptException: java.io.EOFException
	at org.mozilla.javascript.JavaScriptException.wrapException(JavaScriptException.java:70)
	at org.mozilla.javascript.FunctionObject.call(FunctionObject.java:418)
	at org.mozilla.javascript.Interpreter.interpret(Interpreter.java:2179)
	at org.mozilla.javascript.InterpretedFunction.call(InterpretedFunction.java:58)
	at com.meterware.httpunit.javascript.JavaScript$JavaScriptEngine.performEvent(JavaScript.java:160)
	at com.meterware.httpunit.scripting.ScriptableDelegate.doEvent(ScriptableDelegate.java:55)
	at com.meterware.httpunit.WebResponse$Scriptable.load(WebResponse.java:612)
	at com.meterware.httpunit.javascript.JavaScript$Window.initialize(JavaScript.java:420)
	at com.meterware.httpunit.javascript.JavaScript.run(JavaScript.java:77)
	at com.meterware.httpunit.javascript.JavaScriptEngineFactory.associate(JavaScriptEngineFactory.java:46)
	at com.meterware.httpunit.RequestContext.runScripts(RequestContext.java:44)
	at com.meterware.httpunit.WebWindow.getResponse(WebWindow.java:119)
	at com.meterware.httpunit.WebWindow.updateWindow(WebWindow.java:141)
	at com.meterware.httpunit.WebWindow.getSubframeResponse(WebWindow.java:127)
	at com.meterware.httpunit.WebWindow.getResponse(WebWindow.java:118)
	at com.meterware.httpunit.WebWindow.updateWindow(WebWindow.java:141)
	at com.meterware.httpunit.WebWindow.getSubframeResponse(WebWindow.java:127)
	at com.meterware.httpunit.WebWindow.getResponse(WebWindow.java:118)
	at com.meterware.httpunit.WebClient.getResponse(WebClient.java:112)
	at tds.csbetrieb.webchecker.CheckThread.doGet(CheckThread.java:116)
	at tds.csbetrieb.webchecker.CheckThread.checkUrl(CheckThread.java:252)
	at tds.csbetrieb.webchecker.CheckThread.access$400(CheckThread.java:17)
	at tds.csbetrieb.webchecker.CheckThread$UrlChecker.run(CheckThread.java:760)

If you have any Idea what is happening, please let me know.
It seems that the underlaying streams got closed.

8/17/2004 3:53:47 PM
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Lukas Weberruss wrote:
> Hi,
> I get the above error messaging during (httpunit-)parsing of the URL :
> https://portal.intersport.de/irj

Please report this to
http://httpunit.sourceforge.net/ mail lists.

Regards, Igor
8/17/2004 4:58:37 PM

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