New Firefox breaks xmodmap'ed keys

The new Firefox for Mageia 2 (17.0.2, IIRC) fails to obey keys
remapped by xmodmap.  I have a couple of the odd-ball keys on
spacebar row mapped to 'r' and 'w' in order to be able to rapidly
refresh and close Firefox windows with less effort.  The key
modmapping is working correctly.  With the previous Firefox,
10.0.1 or so, Firefox did the right thing and honored the
mapping.  However, the new Firefox breaks it.

Is anyone else attempting to use xmodmap and seeing this
difficulty with Firefox?

As a workaround (since Firefox development seems to be mostly
attempting to make it look and feel like a Doze environment),
does Firefox have a keyboard remapping facility?


Robert Riches
(Yes, that is one of my email addresses.)
1/27/2013 5:24:31 AM
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