changing default font size does not affect font size on form buttons and input fields.


in I propose that 
changing the default font size in Preferences should also change the 
font sizes for form controls.

On windows it works this way. Concerning Unix, though, the form controls 
keep their size, even if you adjust the default font size in Firefox 
preferences. This makes for ugly form controls if you do not adjust your 
GTK settings along with your Firefox default font size.

But there is a workaround: you can also make Firefox scale the form 
controls by applying the following changes to 'font:' lines in 

-moz-field  ->  small sans-serif
-moz-fixed  ->  medium mono
-moz-list   ->  small sans-serif
-moz-button ->  small sans-serif

Still, I do not understand this discrepancy in rendering (Windows in 
contrast to Unix Firefox) as it obviously can be avoided.

Now this bug is resolved WONTFIX, so I'd like to know why my proposal is 
objected. Can anybody please explain this to me?

Daniel Kabs

9/5/2005 1:29:58 PM
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