Why this error when adding a gmail IMAP account?

I am trying to add a gmail account to Thunderbird, but it is not 
working. I have never seen this error before, and did not even imagine 
it could exist.

IMAP is enabled for this account. We can log into it with a browser, and 
just did it to check. But Thunderbird is not accessing it! It shows this 
window after I type my account and password in the "add email account" 


There, it is written:

Give credentials to [account] in imap.gmail.com
You reached this page because we detected cookies are disabled in your 
browser. It will not be possible to show correctly, the page you tried 
to load, if cookies are disabled.

[Enable cookies] and try again or go back to your browser.

"Enable cookies" is a link that points somewhere I cannot know without 
visiting it. Right? I did not click it, but I imagine it is a simple 
help page about cookies in Firefox.

Thunderbird is a mail manager, I want no cookies with it. IMAP does not 
use any, as far as I know. But the error message seems to go further... 
I find it very strange.

Why? What is the problem here?

A couple of weeks ago we accessed the same account in TB (a bit older 
version) without problem. Now, 45.8.0 does not work, for this account only.
11/12/2017 9:19:52 PM
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