Unified filter questions

I like the idea of unified filters because it simplifies my TB, but 
there are some things I can't figure out:

1) Are they actually (preset by the TB authors) saved searches?

2) I have some filters which move messages to various folders. Although 
just received they don't show up in the unified "Inbox".
If the answer to (1) is "yes" I assume it's just a matter of 
right-clicking on the unified "Inbox" icon, select "Properties" and 
click on the "select folders to search:" choose-button where I can add 
the folder where those messages are moved to.

If that's the solution I'll have to do that every time I add a new 
filter for moving messages away from an account's inbox. Is there a 
simpler way, so that all received messages show when I click on the 
unified Inbox, or does anyone have a better suggestion?

3) In unified view, why are the individual accounts shown below? As 
mentioned above, I like the idea of having a simplified TB, but I'm not 
quite there yet. Basically I would like TB to filter things into 
separate folders, but on the surface I still want to access all my 
messages as if they're all in one place. And I don't need those account 
folders -why would I when I have a Unified inbox, outbox and trash?

4) I've noticed that the unified trash and junk folders don't allow me 
to empty them as with normal trash (right-clicking on them and selecting 
"Empty trash"). Is something wrong with my setup, or is this a 
shortcoming in TB? Is there a way to create a unified trash where I can 
empty all trash in one go?

5) Why are there both trash and junk folders? I've never quite 
understood the account setup "Junk settings" and "global preferences" 
and two folders seem to be unnecessary but I suppose there's a purpose 
for this. I just want a quick and easy way to review all my spam and 
empty it all in one go.

11/12/2017 1:56:36 AM
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On 12/11/17 02:56, Tiger wrote:
> I like the idea of unified filters because it simplifies my TB

Oops! I meant unified FOLDERS of course!

11/12/2017 2:03:58 AM