Unblocking an email address

A few weeks back, I started finding email in my Bulk Mail folder that 
was an obvious attempt to make me click on a link. I was glad to see 
that something had kept it out of my inbox and left it in Bulk Mail. 
There was one rather odd thing about these emails though: each of them 
ending with the email address of one of my friends, Rob, on the last 
line of the email even though he had nothing to do with sending the 
emails. (I've seen 4 or 5 of these emails now.)

Rob has since informed me - by emailing mutual friends and having them 
forward his messages to me - that he is disappointed that I am not 
replying to his emails any more. The thing is that I haven't SEEN any 
emails from him in several weeks.

On discussing the matter with him, it seems Rob has sent me several 
emails in recent weeks but none of them has arrived. They are NOT in my 
Inbox nor in the Bulk Mail or Trash folders of Thunderbird. I've checked 
my message rules in Thunderbird and I have only two message rules on 
that account and neither involves Rob's email address.

It is a Yahoo email account so I signed into the Yahoo website and read 
their help screens on blocked email addresses. I checked to see if I had 
created a filter to block Rob's email in Yahoo and there were absolutely 
no filters there. I looked in my Spam folder to see if any of Rob's 
emails were there but the Spam folder contains exactly the same things 
as the Bulk Mail folder in Thunderbird: just the obvious spam that 
contains Rob's email address on the bottom line.

My best guess at this point is that Yahoo has seen enough emails from 
this spammer that it has blocked all email from Rob's address, both real 
emails and the spam that has his address at the bottom. If this is 
correct, how do I get Yahoo to unblock him?

I know of no way to actually contact Yahoo support to explore this with 
them. I used to do tech support for Verizon and I know that Yahoo has 
tech support with big ISPs but I'm not aware of any way to contact them 
if you DON'T work for one of the big ISPs. Does anyone here have any 
idea how to deal with this situation?

Also, can anyone think of any other plausible explanation for Rob's 
emails not reaching me any more?

5/29/2018 12:30:39 PM
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