TB 45.8.0 locking up for a few seconds at a time

I do not know if this could  be your problem but I found that disabling 
McAfee anti spam extension to solve the Thunderbird lock ups.

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Nope, somebody else with the TB hangs problem. There are many of us.
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No, there are actually very few, and far fewer who experience this
for any length of time before figuring out and resolving the cause.
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Really, don't bother. WFC.
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Right, and it's not 'two seconds at a time', it is often into the
TB has turned into a POS build that I suspect cannot handle a RAID
mail spool.
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What is a RAID mail spool and are you using one with your hanging
Does it hang without the RAID mail spool?
Looks like Lynn solved her problem by rebooting her computer after
having 21 days of uptime. Do you reboot or is it on all the time?
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The WKS operates on RAID storage, for a reason. Not unwinding it for TB.
Periodic reboots, typically weekly or when required by software updates.
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I guess we found the cause of your lockups.

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3/10/2017 3:44:08 PM
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