Several questions about sync/unsync with IMAP

I have a gmail IMAP account.  Several weeks ago, when creating some 
Searches, I was mystified why one search term was not finding anything, 
even though searching through gmail's web UI showed many messages with 
that term.  I discovered that it was because the term was only in the 
Body, and TB cannot search the Body in an IMAP account.  I then learned 
that sync'ing my account would download the full messages, not just the 
headers.  So I sync'ed ... and the search worked.

Now I think sync'ing was not a good idea.  It has slowed things down 
tremendously.  Yes, even the Body can now be searched.  But searches 
take forever, because apparently not all messages got downloaded when I 
first sync'ed, so they have to be downloaded when searching.  (And not 
just *new* messages, it seems.  I have the impression that messages 
which were downloaded one day have to be re-downloaded the next day. 
Plus I now get frequent messages that the server has stopped responding, 
which I never used to get before sync'ing.  Makes me think it's overloaded.)

Anyway, I have decided to un-sync.  (There are very few search terms for 
which I need to search the Body.  Usually From, To, and Subject are 
enough.)  But I have a question:

Will unsync'ing remove from my computer the Bodies of the messages which 
have already been downloaded, and leave just the Headers?  (I actually 
would prefer for that to be the case.)  If not, what's the best way to 
get back to the pre-sync state, of just Headers ... without losing the 
tags and the placement into various folders which my filters have 
already accomplished?
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