Email status query - interaction between Thunderbird and Android

A while ago I integrated my three main email addresses in the Android 
Gmail app, and it works very well indeed. Spam-free bliss (after years 
of struggling and wasting significant amounts of time trying to train 
various spam filters) is a huge added bonus!

There is just one issue left to sort out: My two Gmail-based accounts 
seem to be "smarter" than the "external" (GMX) account, in the sense 
that once emails have been downloaded into Thunderbird on my PC or 
laptop (all three accounts are set up as POP accounts), the Android app 
no longer shows the new mail notification, whereas for the GMX account 
the new mail notification remains active until I either dismiss it or 
view the mails on the phone, if you see what I mean?

Is there something I can do in Thunderbird to rectify this behaviour for 
the GMX account?

Thank you

Herbert Eppel
5/11/2017 7:12:30 AM 22370 articles. 2 followers. Post Follow

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