Deleted pop accounts keep returning

This follows from my thread 'recreated pop accounts as imap'
I initially needed to recreate two gmail aacounts afer password changes made 
them inaccessible. 

On a new system I installed thunderbird and recreated the two accounts as 
imap accounts. They are still there and behaving correctly.

My work machine had the original accounts as inaccessible POP accounts.

I uesed thunderbird's 'Account actions' I removed them and closed 
thunderbird down.

I then went into my profile file in the ~/.thunderbird directory and deleted 
all the folders under 'mail' starting with 'pop'.

When I brought up thunderbird, it had regenerated the two accounts as pop 
accounts without interventions.

I have run through this three times to ensure that I had not missed 

How can I rid myself of them permanently?

Mageia 5.1 for x86_64, Kernel:4.4.114-desktop-1.mga5
KDE version 4.14.5 on an AMD Phenom II X4 Black edition.

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